At AW Removals, we pride ourselves on quality service. And we are more than glad to be supported and backed by professionals who are knowledgeable about everything asbestos. We thought it would be great to share our answers to some frequently asked questions we have received. Check them out below:


1. What is asbestos?

It’s a natural forming mineral fibre. This natural forming mineral fibre refers to six naturally occurring silicate minerals. These are composed of long, thin fibre that comes in crystals with many microscopic ‘fibrils’ that can be harmful to human health when released through abrasion or any processes.

2. Can you legally remove asbestos yourself?

Yes, 10m2 or less of non-friable asbestos containing material.

3. How much does it cost to remove asbestos from a house?

This all depends on the quantity and difficulty

4. Can you claim asbestos removal on insurance?

Yes, only under limited circumstances

5. Do you have to remove asbestos?

No, provided that it is in good condition

6. I am renovating my kitchen and bathroom. Should I be worried about asbestos?

Yes, best to get professional advice

7. What are the health risks associated with asbestos?

Lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis

8. What are the differences between friable and non-friable asbestos?

Friable can crumbled by hand pressure. Non friable are bonded and cannot be easily crumbled by hand pressure

9. How long does it take to remove asbestos from my property?

This all depends on the quantity and difficulty

10. What happens to the asbestos that has been extracted from my house?

It gets transported to an EPA approved landfill facility

11. Can I remove asbestos from my house myself?

Yes. Provided that it is 10 square meters or less

12. What are the personal protective equipment and tools required to remove asbestos products?

Hand tools and a P2 half face mask and tyvek coverall and gloves

13. Is a permit needed to remove asbestos from my property?

No. However, WorkSafe is required to be notified by a licensed asbestos removal company

14. How do you take samples of asbestos? Can I take samples of asbestos myself and send them to the laboratory?

Yes. Taking a small sample and place into an air tight zip sealable plastic bag and send to a NATA Endorsed Laboratory for testing

15. What is asbestos abatement?

Asbestos abatement is the process of eradicating asbestos

16. How long does the asbestos removal process take?

This depends on the scope of work

17. How much does it cost to remove asbestos from my home?

This depends on the quantity and difficulty

18. How do I book an asbestos removal service?

By filling out an online form or call us and one of our friendly staff will be at your assistance

19. Do you have a license to remove asbestos?

Yes. We have a Class A licence which allows us to remove all types of asbestos containing materials

20. Is asbestos removal covered by insurance?

Yes. Under limited circumstances


For your other questions or enquiries that have not been answered above, feel free to reach out. Contact our AW Removals team today!