Where Asbestos Insulation Melbourne Is Present

There are few areas in your home where asbestos insulation Melbourne can be found. However, these includes:

  • Wall and Attic Insulation
  • Duct and Pipe Wrap Insulation
  • Discover more below…

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When To Call An Asbestos Insulation Melbourne Removal Expert

If asbestos insulation Melbourne is found, it is important that it is removed right away. In other words, professional and certified asbestos insulation Melbourne service can help. Cross-contamination may happen so quickly. Therefore, standard precautions and measures should be followed and done. For instance, AW Removals is a fully-certified asbestos insulation removal company. In conclusion, we are backed with years of experience. Above all, proper and safe asbestos removal is the main focus of our service.

After that phone rings, we immediately assign an asbestos expert. This asbestos expert will check and inspect your property. He will provide you with rough estimate. In addition, he also explains the scope of the entire work procedure. For instance, we work to contain any affected area. We set up the right tools to prevent any cross-contamination. Similarly, we make sure to follow the industry guidelines. Therefore, we are cleared to perform asbestos insulation removal.


Vermiculite are among the most popular forms of insulation that contain asbestos. Removal experts advise homeowners for asbestos testing. Above all, wall and attic insulation contains asbestos.


Asbestos insulation Melbourne also exist in duct and pipework. Asbestos was considered an effective fire retardant. Especially when temperature starts to rise. Get in touch for asbestos insulation.


Look at the floor coverings in offices and rooms that looks the same. However, you never know if the latest covering was provided. It is popular to find multiple layers of floor covering as insulation. 

Is your home built before the year 1980? It is likely that the marials used in your home contained asbestos. In other words, the use of asbestos insulation in homes from 1980 was so popular. Similarly, favourable to its insulator and fire-resistant characteristics. Above all, health hazards came using asbestos that were discovered.

At our asbestos removal Melbourne service, we are backed with years of training and experience. Experts in providing effective and safe asbestos insulation removal services. Our main priority is to keep you and your family safe. In conclusion, we provide constant training to our staff and employees. This is to ensure standards and industry guidelines are met and followed. Above all, we provide certification of completion to our asbestos insulation removal work.