A Closer Look At B Class Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is known as a dangerous material, but most people may not completely understand what it is and why it is dangerous.Learn more if you have an asbestos at home:

  • B Class Asbestos Removal
  • When You Need a Removal
  • The Removal of B Class Asbestos

This is a quick guide that explains what asbestos is why A class and B class asbestos removal is a necessity.

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Asbestos is the term for minerals that are used in building materials. It is a fibrous material that is dangerous when inhaled. The particles are so small that it can become airborne and inhaled. From the 1930s until the 1980s, asbestos was popularly used as a building material. It was chosen because it is cheap, durable, and fire proof. It was later discovered to be highly dangerous and cause lung diseases. Exposure to this material can expose all members of the household to health risks. To minimize this risk, there has been a move to completely remove Class A and Class B asbestos from homes and commercial buildings.

B Class Asbestos Removal

B Class asbestos is also known as non-friable asbestos. This is the less dangerous type of asbestos. This is the classification for asbestos materials that have been mixed into other types of construction materials. This type of asbestos is considered low risk if it is not damaged or disturbed. Asbestos is only dangerous when the fibers are exposed and there is a chance of those said fibers being inhaled.  Non-friable asbestos can be found in vinyl tiles and cement products that are used on ceilings, walls, roofs.

asbestos roof tiles

When You Need a Removal

Generally speaking, when left undisturbed, B class asbestos does not pose a threat. So it is not always necessary to do a removal. You would only need a removal when the asbestos material has deteriorated. For your own safety, you should have a professional survey your property to check for any deteriorated or exposed asbestos-containing material. 

The Removal of B Class Asbestos

Any type of asbestos removal should be done by licenced professionals. Only professionals have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to safely remove these dangerous materials. During the B class asbestos removal process, there is a risk of the asbestos materials being exposed to the air. Since you would not want to deal with this risk or the measures involved in ensuring a seamless removal, it’s best to call in the experts for this job.

Our Non-friable Asbestos Rmoval

Our class B asbestos removal licence will include work for the removal of a 10 square metre or more of non-friable asbestos contaminated dust or debris. Our B class asbestos removal license doesn’t authorise friable asbestos removal service. For the services of a qualified asbestos specialist, give the staff of AW Removals a call. You can contact us at 0488 121 214 to learn about the services we can offer you in Melbourne.


The experts at AW Removals have two decades of experience in the industry. We comply with the local building code and industry standards regarding how to deal with asbestos and the proper procedures for its removal. Our staff has undergone all the necessary training, and we are completely licensed, certified, and insured to provide our services. If you are concerned with asbestos roof tiles safety on your property, give AW Removals a call. We can work with you to remove that hazard from your property. We would be happy to answer your queries. Book your appointment with us today!