Commercial Asbestos Removal

AW Removals is a commercial asbestos removal expert based in Melbourne. We’ve been in this industry for many years now, helping homeowners, business owners, and organisations with their asbestos problems.:

  • Asbestos as a Health Hazard
  • Removing Asbestos in Commercial Properties
  • We Are Commercial Asbestos Removal Specialists

When the material was first discovered as a health hazard in the year 1980, it was immediately banned and prohibited in Australia.

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Asbestos as a Health Hazard

Back then, nobody knew that asbestos was a serious life threat. As a matter of fact, it was widely used even in buildings and construction projects because of its properties that are ideal for insulation, as well as for heat and chemical resistance. 

But today, the world is very much aware that the exposure to asbestos is unsafe. When asbestos fibres are inhaled, they can be easily carried into the lower regions of the lungs, where they can stay and cause respiratory complications. Other health effects of exposure to asbestos include pleural effusions, laryngitis, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

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Removing Asbestos in Commercial Properties

One of the most challenging steps in removing asbestos is the identification of the affected material. For instance, corrugated roof tiles usually appear like typical slate tiles used in the country. This makes it difficult to determine where the asbestos really lies.

But the good thing is that experts know what asbestos looks like. They know where to look for it as well. So, you can be assured that everyone in your commercial premises is safe and not exposed to the dangerous material.

We Are Commercial Asbestos Removal Specialists

AW Removals is an expert in removing asbestos in commercial establishments and properties. We cater to the asbestos removal needs of those in the commercial industry, such as hospitals, office spaces, universities and colleges, schools and kindergartens, as well as shopping centres. 

Can I remove asbestos my self? We can assess, identify, and manage asbestos-related issues that may arise. With our OHS Management System (4801:2001) certification, we can guarantee that we are capable of working seamlessly with commercial organisations to prevent asbestos contamination and to achieve minimal disruption to workplaces.

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Unfortunately, asbestos still exists in many properties. But how toxic is asbestos? Contact us today.