The possibility of asbestos lurking inside commercial buildings is high, especially if the building was constructed several decades ago. If you let asbestos hide behind your building’s walls, it may pose a risk to your business and to the safety and health of your employees. Before this dangerous substance causes more work-related diseases and deaths, commercial asbestos removal services come in to rescue. Certified and qualified professionals know how to manage asbestos in your commercial properties. Well, they do more than that. Here are some other interesting things you should know about them.

Conducts Initial Asbestos Inspection

Contractors of asbestos removal services handle an inspection in commercial properties before they take certain actions. Inspecting areas is an important step asbestos professionals should not miss to take. Since the furnishings are removed and the area is already isolated, they can inspect and investigate the area thoroughly, securing safety and understanding the nature of the problem.

Holds Certification and License

Professional asbestos specialists do not only have credible experience in removing asbestos, but they also secure license and certification. Licensed asbestos contractors follow the regulations and comply with the requirements set by the government of Australia. This will ensure the prevention of exposure to harmful asbestos fibres that come from contaminated materials and areas. They use safety gears and equipment when inspecting and removing asbestos from the commercial properties to protect them while working and to properly handle and dispose of asbestos waste.

Most of them include liability insurance in the services they provide, ensuring that you will be protected from unanticipated damages incurred during the asbestos removal. It is not legally required to hire asbestos abatement company to remove asbestos in your commercial properties, but you shouldn’t attempt to remove this harmful substance if you do not have the right training and certification to do the job.

Deals with Various Types of Asbestos

Excessive asbestos exposure has been linked to respiratory-related diseases such as mesothelioma and lung cancer. Some commercial buildings and properties don’t undergo regular assessment, that’s why asbestos-related diseases acquired from the workplace continually increases. Commercial asbestos removal companies provide a service that secures all areas and materials are managed accordingly. They handle different types of asbestos removal.

A Class Abestos Removal

Class A asbestos or commonly referred to as friable asbestos becomes dust or fibres when crushed. If inhaled, it may affect your overall health. This type of asbestos is considered to be the most dangerous, and it can usually be found floor tiles, sprayed-on coatings, and thermal insulation. As soon as you find out that your commercial property contains this type of asbestos, have it removed immediately. You need the licensed and trained asbestos specialist to do the asbestos removal process.

B Class Asbestos Removal

Class B asbestos or commonly known as non-friable asbestos is the less dangerous type of asbestos. This can be found in construction and building materials such as vinyl tiles, roofs, ceiling, and walls, posing risks particularly to the health of construction and factory workers. If not disturbed or damaged, it can only pose low risk. However, you should be very careful so that fibres will not be exposed and inhaled. For your own safety, the professionals will conduct a comprehensive survey within the vicinity and look for any deteriorated asbestos-containing materials. They will also take care of the removal process once the asbestos fibres are exposed.

Ensures that Your Commercial Property is Asbestos-Free

Commercial asbestos removal companies prepare your area for the operation by isolating it, disabling HVAC and other electrical systems, covering openings, and posting warning signs. They clean up the site using a HEPA vacuum and dispose of the asbestos-containing waste in leak-tight, labeled, and sealed containers before taking it to qualified landfills. And they use vehicles with specific requirements and labeling instructions to transport the waste to landfills.

Certainly, businesses are regularly faced with safe removal of asbestos to keep and maintain the safety of the property and the people. At AW Removals, we will help you, our clients in clearing your commercial properties of asbestos. With two decades of experience in the industry, our expert team will remove all types of asbestos containing materials to prevent asbestos-related diseases. We are licensed, certified, and insured, and you can trust us to work on your commercial property. Contact us now at 0488 12 12 14 or (03) 9798 3891 or send us an email at